Who is Bunzl?

Bunzl Distribution

We are powered by people who share the same values and dedication when it comes to supporting our customers.
We put people first.

By associating ourselves with people who are enthusiatic about creating value for customers, we have grown to be one of the most sucessful companies in the distrubition industry. We are a distributor experiencing consistent growth who supports businesses at a national and global level with a variety of essential products, and that success starts with our people. Bunzl is proud to employ a dedicated team that is key to the finding solutions for our customers. We create strength and stability within and outside of our Bunzl family, nuturing relationships with our customers and our communities. We are our people - We Are Bunzl.

Our Team Helps with Every Step of the Process

Business Model
One-stop-shop for essential everyday items.

Unique Service Offering
Supported by 3,000 sales specialists and 2,600 locally based customer service specialists.

Our Blue and Green DNA

At Bunzl, we believe that an entrepreneurial spirit creates endless opportunities.

Here Are Our Core Values:


We communicate openly with one another and our customers understand what they are paying for. Bunzl leaders are visible and accessible


We like to be judged on what we deliver, not what we say. At Bunzl, there is no room for big egos in our organization.


We do what we say we are going to do, take a pragmatic approach to problem solving and trust one another to do the right thing.


We are agile in meeting changing demands and seizing commercial opportunities. We're empowered to go the extra mile for our customers.


  • We treat business projects as learning opportunities to be shared.
  • We question things and always look for ways to improve.
  • We recognise and reward ideas.


  • We embrace different points of view in order to make better decisions for ourselves, our customers and the world around us.
  • We collaborate across our boundaries and work hard to break down barriers.
  • We develop people on merit and make sure that no-one is marginalised.


  • We make it our business to understand our customers’ customers.
  • We propose ways of helping our customers adapt to the changing environment.
  • We constantly seek, and act upon, feedback from our customers.

What Do We Believe?

  • We believe that through diversity we build strength.
  • We believe that the safety and security of our people is our first priority.
  • We believe that an entrepreneurial spirit provides endless possibilities.
  • We believe that together we can achieve anything.
  • We believe that through innovation we find more dynamic solutions.
  • We believe that it’s our business to enhance our customers’ business.
  • We believe that our global supply chain brings local benefits.
  • We believe that investing in our local communities is the right thing to do.
  • We believe that technology enables success.
  • We believe in creating a sustainable environment for us and those who follow.
  • We believe that motivated people create happy customers.
  • We believe that at Bunzl everyone counts.
  • We are transparent.
  • We show humility.
  • We are reliable.
  • We are responsive.
  • At Bunzl, we believe that when you join our team, your potential is unlimited.
  • Because at Bunzl We believe in you!

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