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Employee Engagement

As part of the Bunzl North American Mission Statement, we strive to create a safe, satisfying and rewarding environment for our employees by encouraging initiative, teamwork and pride in the achievement of our business objectives. We measure our success of this Mission by asking for feedback from our employees through an Organizational Engagement Survey. This survey is a key component of developing our overall Talent Agenda and serves as a critical method of listening to the voice of our team members.

Engagement Questions



Valuing Diversity

Bunzl is proud to have a DEIB Committee to drive awareness and create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture within Bunzl in order to be a more effective organization that better serves our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.

Through diversity we build strength


DEIB Mission 

 Diversity – We will attract, retain, and develop people from diverse backgrounds.

Equity – We will support and develop our leadership and management teams to embrace and advocate diversity, remove systemic barriers that inhibit success of diverse employees, and create an environment that allows success for all employees.

Inclusion – We will develop engagement initiatives in every part of our business.

Belonging – We will create an inclusive environment where employees feel welcome to be themselves.



DEIB Vision 

 Every employee will be seen for who they are, and Bunzl will appreciate each employee’s perspective and unique talents. Bunzl will cultivate an environment where all employees have a true sense of belonging.


DEIB Spotlights



Company Recognition


Bunzl has been recognized as one of America’s Best Employers based on Forbes 2022 America's Best Mid-Sized Employers and Transport Topics Top 100 Private Fleets