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Culture at Bunzl

It's no good us telling you how good we are, so we let others do it. See what our employees have to say about working at Bunzl.

We believe that at Bunzl everyone counts

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Isabel Coto

Bunzl Retail Services
Quality Control

Describe Bunzl in One Word: Home.
Favorite Bunzl Memory: I love that I feel confident I can go to management with my problems.
Hobbies: Walking, exercising and spending time with family to watch movies and travel.

Reyes De Leon

R3 Redistibution LA 

Describe Bunzl in one word: Great!
Favorite Bunzl Memory:
When we moved from Santa Fe Springs to Cerritos into a bigger warehouse with more space.
Shooting pool.

Danny Robichaud

GRP Burlington

Describe Bunzl in One Word: Opportunity.
Favorite Bunzl Memory: When I was given the opportunity to travel and help out at other branches.
Hobbies: When I am not at work I enjoy going horseback riding, fishing, and spending time with my wife and daughter.

Yee Vang

Bunzl Minneapolis
First Shift Warehouse Supervisor

Describe Bunzl in One Word:  Exciting.
Favorite Bunzl Memory: Being able to see the world many times since I started.
Hobbies: Walks with my family.

Rick Upton

Bunzl Indianapolis

Describe Bunzl in One Word: Teamwork.
Favorite Bunzl Memory: Having a manager that is hardworking & respectful.
Sports/Fitness and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

We Stand Together:

Take a look at what our employees say.

Rebecca Anderson

North America, Corporate Office
Benefits Administrator

Describe Bunzl in One Word: Everchanging
Favorite Bunzl Memory: My favorite memory with Bunzl is being part of the Employee Engagement Initiative and being able to come together to accomplish one main goal. That is very important to me.  I also have many special memories where I have been able to brighten an employee’s day.
Hobbies: Traveling, baking/cooking, singing, and meeting new people.

Scott Spellman

Bunzl Processor Division 
Sr. Director, IT PACS

Describe Bunzl in One Word: Solid
Favorite Bunzl Memory: Years ago, I purchased a company car from an acquisition. After a work trip, I taking a 10-hour road trip back home with a coworker when he asked me where is the 4-wheel drive switch on a Jeep. We spent 45 minutes trying to find the 4-wheel drive only to find out I had purchased one of the only Jeeps in North America that was 2-wheel drive! We laughed for an hour.
Hobbies: Home Projects, hunting, spending time with the grand-babies.

Sarra Chkili

Bunzl Retail Services – Murray
Equipment Operator

Describe Bunzl in One word: Opportunity
Favorite Bunzl Memory: There was an issue that had come up between another employee and myself. The management team handled it very professionally and without bias.
Hobbies? I like to work out and travel

Jeremy Gull

Bunzl Canada
Sales Representative

Bunzl in one word: Forward-Thinking.
Favorite Bunzl memory: Successful completion of the Bunzl VIP Dimensions of Professional Selling Workshop through Carew International.
Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, getting vitamin D, drumming with my band, and playing just enough guitar to be dangerous around a campfire.

Uniting with Shared Beliefs:

Take a look at what our employees say.

Joseph Cahill

R3 Metro South
Warehouse Manager

Bunzl in One Word: Fulfilling.
Favorite Bunzl Memory: Being promoted from Shipping Supervisor to Transportation Supervisor. It was when I realized I was on a good path to grow with Bunzl and be rewarded for my hard work.
Hobbies: Fitness, game nights with friends and going to new restaurants.

Suzanne Davenport

R3 Carolinas & Virginia
Sales Representative

Describe Bunzl in One Word: Reliable.
Favorite Bunzl Memory: The final night on the Go For the Gold trip to Vienna. It was such a magical evening at the Hofburg Imperial Palace with our customers and other Bunzl teammates- listening to opera, watching Viennese dancers and having an incredible dinner all while in a palace- that memory would be hard to top!
Hobbies: Playing with my kids, baking, traveling to new places and riding my Peloton.

Montrel Dillard

Steiner Industries
Warehouse Worker

Describe Bunzl in One Word: Caring
Favorite Bunzl Memory:
Working with the team, the environment, and the monthly luncheons.
Playing with my kids and spending time with them.

Valuing Diversity

Bunzl is proud to create a diverse and inclusive environment that better serves our employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

We believe through diversity we build strength:

View our celebration stories below:


Pride Month

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Women's History Month

Black History Month

Alex Stern

Bunzl Corporate

I am passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, especially, our LGBTQIA community and Pride month. I had the opportunity to learn about both the LGBTQIA community and the transgender community as part of my role at Bunzl.

Kainu Lloren

Bunzl Processor Division

Bunzl celebrating AAPIHM means a lot because I feel like the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities are underrepresented and aren’t brought up often.

Diana Bugarin

Bunzl Distribution

Being a woman in a leadership role can be difficult at times, but having a great team along side of me really helps. Everyday there are successes and failures, but we celebrate and learn as a team. I am a mom, a wife, a friend, and a manager every single day, and I am proud to be part of BUNZL. I am the woman I am today because of my grandma.

Stanley Sanders

Bunzl Distribution

A figure in Black History Month that shapred my life is my grandfather, Elijah Harrington (1900 – 1988).  He had no education of any sort, so he couldn’t read or write. He owned more than 100 acres of land through hard work and dedication that he passed on to his family. 

Our People

The focus of the company is our people. Bunzl employees are hardworking, passionate individuals. We care about each other, what we do and how we do it. Be a part of one of the largest companies that no one has heard of.

Be Proud To Say:

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Company Recognition

Bunzl has been recognized as one of America’s Best Employers based on Forbes 2022 America's Best Mid-Sized
 and Transport Topics Top 100 Private Fleets